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Christian fiction writing: Why are you doing it?

Have you picked up a Christian magazine recently? There are some good ones about. But quite often it seems that these magazines are produced by people who are thirsty for spreading Jesus’s aroma but who take no joy in magazine journalism. Christians communicate faith. It’s what Christians do. It’s an absolute joy when faith is communicated with skill through the many channels of communication that … Continue reading Christian fiction writing: Why are you doing it?


Christian fiction writing: Be clear about what makes your work ‘Christian’

When writing fiction for Christian mission purposes, you need to start out with a clear idea about what makes your writing ‘Christian.’ This sounds like an obvious point, but it’s a good one to think about. As a fiction writer you will be better at some styles of storytelling than others. Therefore, you will find that some types of Christian fiction writing are easier for you … Continue reading Christian fiction writing: Be clear about what makes your work ‘Christian’

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Writing Christian fiction (a new blogging series)

St Teddy’s Church runs this website with the aim of encouraging folk to write Christian fiction and devotionals. We think that the process of writing encourages the writer to explore their relationship with God.  We also think that reading other people’s writings encourages us to open our minds to new faith perspectives. With all this mind, we are going to blog for a while about … Continue reading Writing Christian fiction (a new blogging series)


Gordon enjoys a New Jersey summer

Our former pastor Mr Gordon Panda has been enjoying himself in New Jersey this summer. “A few pics from Gordon’s trip to another St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Keansburg, NJ. Located at the northern end of the New Jersey Shore, this church became the host to “the Center for Community Renewal” shortly after Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Our church began serving meals there on a … Continue reading Gordon enjoys a New Jersey summer


The Father

by a Christian Sitting alone in the room his friend had offered him, he missed being near the river. Jerusalem, to him, was overcrowded both with people and exaggerated piety. If he were not dealing with the Sanhedrin on a matter of still another renegade group of zealots and what to do about them and his son’s involvement with such matters here, he would not … Continue reading The Father


We have been admiring …

Pope Francis’s words for the Catholic Church’s year of mercy. The Pope frequently reminds us that how we treat each other is very important to our faith. The season of Creation running from 1st September to 4th October. It’s a chance to think about the beautiful world given to us by God to look after. Lists in women’s magazines Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Not enough news coverage … Continue reading We have been admiring …


Besieged by Bunnies – An Allegory

Ever since John the Baptist’s time, the kingdom of heaven has opened to force; and the forceful are even now making it their prize (Matthew 11:12) I When they heard that the kingdom of heaven could be stormed four noble knights of the Lettuce-Leaf Table swore that they would, by whatever means they could, make their way therein. These four were Sir Humblebunny, Lord Prou … Continue reading Besieged by Bunnies – An Allegory


The In-Laws

by a Christian It was the sixth hour. Hands washed and prayers said, the head of the family, Elizur and his sons, Gad and Ethan sat around the mat as Leah, Gad’s wife placed the bowl of food in the center of the mat. This was to have been a special meal welcoming home Elizur’s son, new daughter in law, and their baby. Meat had … Continue reading The In-Laws